FlaMallorca offers a unique flamenco experience in the historical bullring of Alcudia with more than 100 years of history. Enjoy flamenco in its purest form in a close and direct way.

The group is made up of 4 to 6 artists. 1 “cantaora”, 1 or 2 guitar players, 1 or 2 “bailaores” and percussionists and 1 “bailaora”.

We offer 2 types of shows:

2 daytime 35 minute shows, every Tuesday and Sunday at 11 am, 12 pm.

The show is a short introduction to the dance, with 2 surprise short numbers of the dancers, followed by the singer's traditional solo. Followed by 25 minutes with 3 songs, 1 "alegría", 1 "soleá" and a "bulería" with an authentic flamenco fiesta to round up it all.

Short, intense, authentic and only true passionate flamenco by FlaMallorca.

An Evening Show. Every Thursday and Sunday at 9 pm.

FlaMallorca introduces the latest and most brilliant Flamenco Show... THE EVENING SHOW AT THE BULLFIGHT ARENA.

A 2 hour experience in a historic venue as the famous Plaza de Toros in Alcudia. A historic setting in the medieval walls of Alcudia with over 120 years of history.

8 PM: We open the gates at 8 pm and you can come for a cold sangria or a nice white wine with some olives at the breeze under the big tree at the courtyard of the Arena while listening to some Flamenco classics.

9.15 PM: We don´t want to tell too much here.... In the first part there will be things happening around the arena... you will feel the handclapping here, see some dance over there, experience the intimate singing at another spot.... about 30 minutes of direct, unexpected moments which will give you a good approach to real Flamenco.

9:45 to 10 PM: Short break to order the last drink before going to the main stage.

10 PM: All the artists gather together at the main stage for a 50 minute non stop Flamenco Show performing, singing and playing different palos from old traditional to modern Flamenco.


- Address: Plaça de la Porta Roja 1, 07400 Alcudia.

- Duration of the show daytime: 35 minutes. - Shows at 11.00 am and 12pm.

- Duration of the show evening: 120 minutes - Shows at 9 pm (8 pm in October).

Money back guarantee