FlaMallorca is proub to present our 3 main shows this year.

A weekly show at the Bullfight Arena in Alcudia. Every Tuesday we´ll be offering short 35 minute shows at 11am, 12am and 1pm. The enue has incredible accoustics and is a lovely place to enjoy of our Flamenco shows.

A monthly show in Palma. This season, we have moved our home stage to a different area of Palma, leaving behind the beautiful, but difficult to access, Theatre Sans for The Artist Stage in Calle Caro 52, a stone’s throw away from the buzzling neighbourhood of Santa Catalina. It is a small and intimate venue, with excellent stage settings and acoustics (our artists attest) as well as a special and intense energy.

Private shows at luxury hotels, villas for parties, groups, families, weddings...