The Artist, Carrer Caro 52, 07013 Palma.

This season, we have moved our home stage to a different area of Palma, leaving behind the beautiful, but difficult to access, Theatre Sans for The Artist Stage in Calle Caro 52, a stone’s throw away from the buzzling neighbourhood of Santa Catalina. It is a small and intimate venue, with excellent stage settings and acoustics (our artists attest) as well as a special and intense energy.  We are currently scheduled to perform at The Artist the last Saturday of each month at 20:00, though further dates may be added from June. (Details will appear on our facebook page)

- Adults 20€. Children 15€.

- Gates open at 19.00. The show starts at 19.30.

- Duration of the show: 1 hour 30 minutes.

Money back guarantee